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Leveraging Female Mental Performance

Leverage the Unique Connection between the Female Body and The Mind

Is your lifestyle accidentally hurting your hormones? 

We have all been mistakenly lead to believe that masculine approaches to productivity will benefit us all. In fact, it could be making menstruating women perform far below their potential. 
This workshop will bring you answers around:
  • The difference between male and female hormone cycles and how their habits should differ 
  • Leveraging your unique female biochemistry to outperform your peers  
  • Mental health as related to the ebb and flow of the female hormone cycle
  • Ending the emotional rollercoaster that comes with your cycle once and for all
  • How women can work WITH your body/cycle to be more productive and feel good along the way 
  • Why pms symptoms can be so extreme and how to prevent life disruption 
  • Stopping birth control (to try and have a baby) only to find an unpredictable cycle that causes more stress
  • And MORE... 



  • Frequently find yourself emotionally yo-yoing throughout the month
  • Wonder why that workout didn't feel as good or why food cravings shift 
  • No longer want to just 'get through it' when shitty symptoms hit
  • Are ready to leverage this power that is uniquely feminine while also tapping into our intuition AND removing symptoms

Mental Health and Menstruation Workshop is for you if you: 

Stop Seeing your Body/Cycle as an Enemy

Hi I'm Lindsey Paoli, the MIND Performance Coach and it is my mission to make YOU see what I've learned the hard way: the fastest and easiest path to success is almost always through prioritizing mental health. 
As a Performance Coach, efficiency is my jam. But  when I was diagnosed with PCOS while trying to conceive, my mind was naturally NOT as focused on my work as it had been before--I had waited my whole life to have a baby!
Like most women, I had thought for years that my dysregulated cycle, painful periods, and PMS symptoms were just a normal female experience.  Instead I found that those symptoms and my PCOS itself were likely exacerbated by habits that I had unknowingly hardwired as a part of my normal lifestyle.
I dove headfirst into the neuroscience of and holistic research behind the female mind and how it is uniquely optimized.   
  I'm a former therapist who left traditional mental health to make bigger impact as a keynote speaker, corporate performance coach + contributing author for the bestselling book, Living A Legacy. My expertise has been featured on national news, including the Daily Flash, American Trends, MORE Fox 5, and in publications including ABC, NBC, Marketwatch, Thrive Global, Shoutout LA, and more! 

Meet Your Host

Imagine if.... 

instead of dreading the unexpected—or worse, the anticipated negative experience of your period every month you: 


  • looked forward to not only the menstrual phase, but each of the other 3 phases so you could harness the unique benefits that come with them
  • Knew exactly what to eat during each phase to best fuel your body, rather than falling victim to intense and unpredictable cravings
  • Could exercise and feel empowered in your body rather than feeling as though you are on a rollercoaster of energy levels that don't always serve you
  • could predict your cycle more consistently every month
  • could feel as though being female gave you an unfair advantage in the workplace
This workshop will give you all this and more!


Short answer is No. While Lindsey’s training and background is rooted in licensed therapy, she has since left the industry as a means of meeting people where they are (not everyone loves therapy, including her!). While much of her knowledge base and interventions are informed by her background as a therapist, her work is very intentionally not therapy so YOU can get the best results.


  • Access to this Virtual Mental Health and Menstruation Workshop
  • A workbook to help you learn along and personalize the content for YOUR lifestyle, creating daily mastery as a habit

What You'll Get:

Feel Good Regardless of Your Cycle Day

Did you know that at least 1 in 5 (and likely more) adults will experience a diagnosable mental disorder in their life?

But over half of them will never receive treatment because of lack of resources, lack of awareness, or stigma. 

This leads to a LOT of un-checked dysfunction in our everyday interactions.

I knew there had to be a faster and more accessible way to get mental health education and tools out to the masses rather than just relying on individuals to overcome their shame and an overwhelmed system, which is why I created MIND Performance Coaching. 


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