As a mind performance coach, I’m here to help you get to your greatest self by learning to take care of your mind first. Through my signature MINDFUL Formula, I’ll show you how to establish the daily fundamentals you need (Movement, Intention, Nourishment, Deep Connections, Fresh Air, Unplug, Learning) in order to take control of your brain and become your greatest self.

I’m Lindsey Paoli and I hack minds for a living.



When I was first diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the age of 18, I ignored it. Mental health wasn’t something that was discussed in my family and I ridiculed the idea of therapy. Instead of addressing my mental health, I poured all my energy into being a high achiever.


Your Mental Health Is a Non-Negotiable

I studied hospitality management at UNLV and built a thriving career in senior management positions for properties like The Mirage, Wynn and Encore, and the Cosmopolitan, but I struggled to enjoy what I’d accomplished. I had done everything I thought I was supposed to do — get a degree, get married, buy a house — but I was making all my decisions based on achieving and keeping up appearances rather than what I actually wanted in life.

Finally, at 30 I decided to seek help for the first time and it was earth-shaking: I realized the common denominator in everything that wasn’t working in my life was ME. As I began to understand myself better and work through the issues I’d stuffed down for all those years, my life began to feel like my own again. I realized helping others change their lives was my calling, so I got my Master’s degree in marriage & family therapy and went into private practice.

I loved the work, but as rates of anxiety and depression skyrocketed during the pandemic, I saw that with the current structure of the mental health system, we’d barely even be able to make a dent in the epidemic of mental health issues. I realized that by teaching leaders to go against the grain and take better care of their mental health, we could create a powerful trickle-down effect that could have a hugely positive impact on the world.

Now, as a mind performance coach, I’m on a mission to disrupt our current mental health habits from the top down. I've utilized my experience as a guest service systems expert from hospitality, my personal struggles, and my work in private practice to create Lindsey Paoli Coaching and Consulting by helping leaders become role models and advocates for healthier habits. I believe we can create stronger relationships, more compassionate leaders, and happier humans.

“This was my first time seeking outside assistance in the processing of my thoughts and feelings and Lindsey was quickly someone I was comfortable being vulnerable with. Processing old trauma was helpful to me getting more comfortable inside my own head.”

-Ramsey White, Gym Director & Combat Night Producer

My background in licensed therapy means I’m trained in a variety of mental health modalities that I incorporate into my coaching, including:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Gottman's Couples Therapy

Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Mental Health

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma treatment


I’m not here to diagnose you or be your therapist: I’m here to coach you through getting your mind right so your health, relationships, and business can thrive. You are in charge of the way your brain works, and you alone have the power to make radical shifts that will transform you into the kind of leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Growth Is Only Earned
Through Discomfort


  • Gaining clarity around your goals so you can prioritize what truly matters to you — no more trying to live up to someone else’s idea of success
  • Challenging you to get out of your comfort zone (because that’s where the good shit happens!)
  • Helping you dismantle old patterns that aren’t serving you and establish a firm foundation of healthy new habits
  • Holding you accountable to working towards positive change, even on days you don’t feel like showing up for yourself

Together, We'll Accomplish
your goals by




work with me




Unlock the path to healthier habits, deeper self-understanding, stronger relationships, and achieving your biggest goals.

Integrate preventative mental health systems into your corporate culture to reduce burnout and make your workplace a healthier place to be.

I present dynamic talks and workshops tailored to your audience that will keep them engaged and inspire them to take action in their lives.

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