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You’re succeeding at work, but it feels like your personal life is suffering for it

You are experiencing physical symptoms of stress or anxiety such as digestive issues, dizziness, short temper, fatigue, or others 

You feel burnt out trying to balance work, family, and your own well-being

You don’t feel as fulfilled by your own success as you think you “should”

You feel isolated trying to keep all your plates spinning without letting anyone see you sweat

You fear that with one misstep, everyone will learn you’ve been a fraud all along

Your relationships are crumbling and you don't have the time or energy to repair them

You feel overwhelmed at the idea of adding yet another task to your plate

You’re ready to build a new, healthier & happier lifestyle from the ground up

Tell me if this sounds like you…

I've been working with Lindsey for several years now and it's been the most results driven program I've ever been part of - driving personal growth in measurable and attainable ways. I am continually surprised by the program and myself. One of the highlights for me are the group sessions. I learn so much from my program peers . . . it is all about the community and a forum to be open and honest in the group echoes through every facet of my life. 

- Melinda Sheckells; Journalist, Business Traveler

You have the power to change your narrative.

I know exactly how you’re feeling because I’ve been there, too. And here’s what I know:

As a former therapist turned MIND Performance Coach, I’ve seen time and time again how our brains can either accelerate or hinder our success and happiness. Our deeply ingrained thoughts, beliefs, and habits influence everything from our mental and physical well-being to the success of our relationships… and at some point, many of us realize that they’re holding us back from feeling fulfilled in our lives and keeping us on the hamster wheel of burnout.

The truth is, following the broken model of what society says will make us happy has left most of us spinning our wheels instead. Over the years I’ve worked with so many clients who were living what they were conditioned to believe was the picture of success — but in reality, it felt like shit. They knew something in their lives had to change, but they didn’t want to sacrifice everything they’d worked so hard to build. 

Hi, I’m Lindsey Paoli and I’m here to help you shake sh*t up.

Trust me, you don’t have to sell everything you own and move to a cabin in the woods to create a life that’s less stressful and more fulfilling: You just need to rewire your brain. Through habit hacking and mindfulness, you can create a new lifestyle that will help you live a longer, happier life and become the kind of leader you’ve always wanted to be — one that leaves a positive and lasting legacy on the world.
Together we're digging down to the root of your belief system and rebuilding with systems giving you the chance to make huge shifts at your core: your emotional and physical well-being, the health of your relationships, the goals that you prioritize, and what success really means to you.

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I'm just recognizing the pattern of getting scared and wanting to run--willing to brush failure aside and just never think of it again. I don't want that anymore. I need to be rewired if that makes sense. I want change, I just don't want to let myself down. Lots of thoughts WAY early.

- Lyndsey Klein on Day 2 of the Rewire; Dental Office Manager

What if you could...

Feel more in control of your life — one that’s more in tune with what you want

Be more educated, attuned and in control of a healthier body and mind that helps you perform your best and extends your life 

Establish sustainable daily routines and habits to fuel positive change

Overcome that nagging sense of impostor syndrome for good

Learn to recognize and utilize your emotions to your advantage instead of avoiding them

Communicate more effectively & feel more connected in your personal relationships

Thrive across all areas of their life, not just in your career or business


The Six-month group coaching program for anyone ready to optimize their brain so they can become their best self



Inside The Rewire, we’ll hack your daily habits with the MIND Fundamentals


Composed of seven essential habits that are proven to work together for optimal brain function, I’ve used the MINDFUL Formula to shift out of depression and anxiety and into a higher-performing version of myself, and helped my clients do the same.

Being MINDFUL to incorporate these vital components into your daily life, even in the smallest doses, will help you take better care of your brain — allowing you achieve optimal performance instead of operating in the constant depleted state we’ve unhealthily normalized.

“When I signed up for The Rewire, I knew I needed some clarification and guidance in helping me make an important decision. Lindsey knew exactly how to walk me through the process and I realized I knew the answer I needed all along, I just had to become comfortable with growing and breaking the cycle I wanted out of. I highly recommend Lindsey's program to anyone who may be looking to grow to new levels and is willing to invest in their health.”

-Anthony Bradley, Life and Fitness Coach


9 One-on-One Coaching Calls with Lindsey

Tailored to your individual needs, in these 45-minute calls we’ll focus on addressing your biggest challenges of the moment head-on and give you actionable steps to use moving forward. 

3 Barrier Breakthrough Sessions

Based in EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) or RIM (regenerating images in memory) therapy, these 90 to 120 minute sessions are a powerful opportunity to explore and reprocess subconscious blocks.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Learn the new skills and tools you need to optimize your mental health and performance and share your weekly wins and challenges with a supportive community as you make huge shifts into your greater self.

Mind Master Planner

This custom-designed physical planner will guide you through reverse engineering your goals into digestible daily habits, practicing affirmations and gratitude, and avoiding procrastination with weekly tips from experts.

Lifetime Access to The Rewire Library

Get access to your recorded group coaching calls for up to 6 weeks (for confidentiality purposes). Retain lifetime access to tools, worksheets, videos and expert interviews to accelerate your progress even after your program ends.

Six months for only $4,500

“This program helped me get back on track with goal setting on a micro level as well as macro. I found the Barrier Breakthrough session to be a very unique way of breaking down old thoughts and memories and interpreting them with an open mind. I would definitely recommend The Rewire to anyone looking to get grounded.”

-Ramsey White, Gym Director & Combat Night Producer


While Lindsey’s training and background is rooted in licensed therapy, she has since left the industry as a means of meeting people where they are (not everyone loves therapy, including her!). While much of her knowledge base and interventions are informed by her background as a therapist, her work is very intentionally not therapy so YOU can get the best results.

Insurance will only cover licensed mental health professionals and Lindsey no longer works as a therapist. She chose this path intentionally because she found insurance to be limiting and ineffective to her preferred method of preventative and whole-body treatment.  

The combination of my experience in operations management with Fortune 500 companies as well as my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy provides a unique combination of skill sets that almost any other coach will not have.  I know from personal experience with my own mental health in being a successful corporation, and even working in the mental health care industry, that there is still an unfortunate disconnect in helping people the way they need to be helped. I'm looking to bridge that gap because the success of corporate America and the mental health of those who create it is important to me. 

Statistics have shown that 85% of the effectiveness of therapeutic/coaching work relies on the alliance between client and coach. This is why I make a meet & greet mandatory so I can ensure that we have that connection before diving deep into your struggles, and speaking transactionally in terms of numbers. I want to ensure you're choosing me as much as I'm choosing you. I know the effectiveness of my program doesn't rely on the content, it relies on our ability to connect. From there we can discuss the specifics, or which step might be best for you. There's no pressure or charge for this Meet & Greet. I just want to chat and see if we're a good fit for each other. 

 As mentioned above, it is very important to me that we can connect personally so I'll always require that we have a quick complimentary chat. From there, we'll decide what your next best step is, which may include a Deep Dive for The Rewire, where we discuss your greatest struggles and I describe The Rewire in depth. Or, if discussing your business, we can go over the options for what works best for you and your team. 

The current trend to seek out therapy is based on the sudden realization that society has not taught us how to appropriately care for our mental health. However, therapy was only intended as a means to overcome extenuating circumstances in mental health and relational dynamics--which post-pandemic has resulted in overworked therapists who are not being utilized for their expertise, and longer wait lists. Our current rates of anxiety/depression/adhd and more are not in fact due to extenuating circumstances and are moreso a result of poor foundational training. Lindsey's coaching helps you to master the foundations of mental health, by unlearning the poor teaching you have received, mastering and optimizing your mental health daily, and sustaining and integrating your learning into your everyday life. She empowers you to be the expert you feel you need by teaching you how much of your mental performance is truly within your control and skillset. 

Talk about manifesting! I just got offered my dream job! It's almost scary to me after our exercise where I visualized how I saw my life and then it happened! I see now how important it is to weed through projects to focus my full attention on what I really want.

- Melinda Sheckells, Food and Travel Journalist, Reporter, & Editor

Don’t Let Your Own Mind Be the Thing That Holds You Back
From Being the Best Version of Yourself!

I know what you might be thinking: You already have so much on your plate, how the hell are you going to find time to rewire your brain? Together we’ll tackle transforming your beliefs and habits from the ground up, so it becomes part of your daily life instead of yet another thing added to your to-do list.

This process isn’t easy, and you have to show up for yourself consistently — but if you’re willing to be pushed outside your comfort zone (that’s where the good shit happens!), you WILL see incredible results.

Together we can rewire your brain and hack your daily habits to create a life where you define success on your own terms. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation call where we’ll determine if The Rewire is right for you.

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