Take control of your mind and create daily habits that support the life you want. With my one-on-one guidance and the support of a like-minded community, we’ll face your biggest challenges head-on — creating your personalized roadmap to a more balanced life, deeper relationships, and achieving your goals both personally and professionally.

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Burnout costs companies billions of dollars a year. Take a proactive approach to your employees’ wellness by integrating preventative mental health systems that will not only make your workplace more productive and positively impact your bottom line, but also create a healthier, happier environment for all.

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Need an engaging speaker or workshop facilitator who’s also a mental health expert? You just found her. As a coach and former therapist who’s also an experienced presenter, I can present a talk or interactive workshop that’s tailored to the unique challenges and goals of your team. My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

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While Lindsey’s training and background is rooted in licensed therapy, she has since left the industry as a means of meeting people where they are (not everyone loves therapy, including her!). While much of her knowledge base and interventions are informed by her background as a therapist, her work is very intentionally not therapy so YOU can get the best results.

Insurance will only cover licensed mental health professionals and Lindsey no longer works as a therapist. She chose this path intentionally because she found insurance to be limiting and ineffective to her preferred method of preventative and whole-body treatment.  

The combination of my experience in senior management with fortune 500 companies as well as my master of science in marriage and family therapy provides a unique combination of skill sets that almost any other coach will not have.  I know from personal experience with my own mental health in being a successful corporation, and even working in the mental health care industry, that there is still an unfortunate disconnect in helping people the way they need to be helped. I'm looking to bridge that gap because the success of corporate America and the mental health of those who create it is important to me. 

Statistics have shown that 85% of the effectiveness of therapeutic/coaching work relies on the alliance between client and coach. This is why I make a meet & greet mandatory so I can ensure that we have that connection before diving deep into your struggles, and speaking transactionally in terms of numbers. I want to ensure you're choosing me as much as I'm choosing you. I know the effectiveness of my program doesn't rely on the content, it relies on our ability to connect. From there we can discuss the specifics, or which step might be best for you. There's no pressure or charge for this Meet & Greet. I just want to chat and see if we're a good fit for each other. 

 As mentioned above, it is very important to me that we can connect personally so I'll always require that we have a quick complimentary chat. From there, we'll decide what your next best step is, which may include a Deep Dive for The Rewire, where we discuss your greatest struggles and I describe The Rewire in depth. Or, if discussing your business, we can go over the options for what works best for you and your team. 

The current trend to seek out therapy is based on the sudden realization that society has not taught us how to appropriately care for our mental health. However, therapy was only intended as a means to overcome extenuating circumstances in mental health and relational dynamics--which post-pandemic has resulted in overworked therapists who are not being utilized for their expertise, and longer wait lists. Our current rates of anxiety/depression/adhd and more are not in fact due to extenuating circumstances and are moreso a result of poor foundational training. Lindsey's coaching helps you to master the foundations of mental health, by unlearning the poor teaching you have received, mastering and optimizing your mental health daily, and sustaining and integrating your learning into your everyday life. She empowers you to be the expert you feel you need by teaching you how much of your mental performance is truly within your control and skillset. 

Just being able to sit with someone and vent and not be judged or "fixed" has been a major help. Lindsey is just a kickass person with incredibly positive energy and vibe which makes it easy to be comfortable and totally real with. --

Joseph S, Veteran and Event Rigging Production 

Grab my free guide to the 7 Daily Habits of High Mental Performers to learn how optimizing your mental performance can be as simple as shifting your morning routine.

Uplevel Your Daily Habits

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Lindsey is a badass! I've invited her to speak at events a few times now. Each time, she leaves the attendees a gift - something of extreme value that they can implement into their own personal and professional lives. Among other things she is relatable and authentic, and that is what draws people to her. I highly recommend her for the services she offers. Lindsey does not disappoint!

Shane Young, Esq.
Young Law Group 

YOU have more control over your mind (and brain chemistry!) than you’ve been led to believe, and YOU hold the power to transform your life for the better. All you need is a coach to arm you with the right tools and hold you accountable. Ready to take on this challenge?

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