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+ Navigating symptoms of adhd

You are living in the most DISTRACTABLE time on Earth... 

So how do you stay ahead of the game, manage work and personal responsibilities, improve efficiency, and regain the lost art of concentration? 
In this workshop, I'll be answering your questions, including: 
  • Why does it seem my focus declined from fire to frazzled during lockdown?  
  • How do I focus better when I work from home? 
  • How can I realistically be less distractable--without tossing my phone out the window? 😂
  • Do I just feel more distracted because I have kids now? 
  • How can I help my kids to improve their focus? 
  • Is my declining focus normal or is it something to be concerned about? 
  • Everyone is suddenly getting "Late ADHD Diagnosis", why the increase and is it something I should be looking into? 
  • I know I have ADHD, what are some ways to work around it? 
  • Does ADHD prevent me for life from having the work life balance I'd like to have? 
  • And MORE... 

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  • Frequently end your day frustrated and questioning where the time went
  • Thought you had mastered multi-tasking but now find yourself questioning your ability 
  • Notice that you can accidentally lose large chunks of time on your phone or with other distractions 
  • Have ADHD or think you may (or KNOW someone who might) and are interested in understanding if that's a contributing factor and how to overcome it 

Fine Tune Focus the Workshop is for you if you: 

Ignite the lost art of concentration 

Hi I'm Lindsey Paoli, the MIND Performance Coach and it is my mission to make YOU see what I've learned the hard way: the fastest and easiest path to success is through prioritizing mental health.  As a Performance Coach, efficiency is my jam. But having struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, focus seemed to come and go depending on what was going on around me.  When I was diagnosed with ADHD in my mid-thirties, it was a blessing and a curse to have an answer that finally made sense but to have to have an entirely new set of skills to have to create.  I found along the way that many of my symptoms are things that others struggle with as well and I was able to establish creative solutions to work around the diagnosis that I knew could help other high achievers like me. 

It's probably important to note that I'm not just some chick off the street claiming to be an expert.  I'm a former therapist who left traditional mental health to make bigger impact as a keynote speaker, corporate performance coach + contributing author for the bestselling book, Living A Legacy. My expertise has been featured on national news, including the Daily Flash, American Trends, MORE Fox 5, and in publications including ABC, NBC, Marketwatch, Thrive Global, Shoutout LA, and more! 

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Short answer is No. While Lindsey’s training and background is rooted in licensed therapy, she has since left the industry as a means of meeting people where they are (not everyone loves therapy, including her!). While much of her knowledge base and interventions are informed by her background as a therapist, her work is very intentionally not therapy so YOU can get the best results.

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concentration celebration 

Did you know that at least 1 in 5 (and likely more) adults will experience a diagnosable mental disorder in their life?

But over half of them will never receive treatment because of lack of resources, lack of awareness, or stigma. 

This leads to a LOT of un-checked dysfunction in our everyday interactions— especially at work, where most of us spend most of our time. 

I knew there had to be a faster and more accessible way to get mental health education and tools out to the masses rather than just relying on individuals to overcome their shame and an overwhelmed system, which is why I created MIND Performance Coaching. 


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