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Imagine being the top-performing member of the sales team in your office. You’ve got it all together, hitting top numbers every month, so your manager promotes you to lead the marketing unit. But as soon as you enter the conference room to conduct an initial meeting, you realize that your sales tactics for communication aren’t […]


May 5, 2023

How Effective Communication Skills Impact Workplace Dynamics

Three women discussing work in front of their laptops, with the boss in the middle listening intently.

Does your company have high turnover rates every month? Do you notice that your employees and coworkers seem less motivated, inspired, and satisfied in their jobs? Do you see increased bickering between employees or small oversights that add up over time? It may be time to assess the overall mental health in the workplace. Mental […]

Mental Health

April 3, 2023

Mental Health in the Workplace: Top 3 Most Common Issues

A male employee with their face and chest covered in post-it notes about bills, work and life reminders, and other responsibilities. This is to project that he is one of the examples that makes mental health in the workplace important.

Show Up as the Leader You’ve Always
Wanted to Be

I’m a mind performance coach who helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to level up to their full potential show up as the leader they’ve always wanted to be. As a former therapist who’s struggled with depression and anxiety, I’ve seen firsthand how mental health is all too often treated as an afterthought.

Now I’m on a mission to shift the paradigm and teach others what I learned the hard way: that being successful doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health or your relationships, and taking care of your mind first is the key to unlocking everything you want.

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