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When the pandemic lockdowns temporarily shut down office spaces across the globe, every organization scrambled to find ways to still conduct work collaborations amidst the two-year health crisis. This event disrupted how workplace communication is being carried out between employees, management, and stakeholders. Who can forget the first-day frustrations when the management suggested that everyone […]


May 9, 2023

Three Communication Models Commonly Used in the Workplace

A white megaphone is installed at the office cafeteria to serve as a public announcement device and communications system.

Show Up as the Leader You’ve Always
Wanted to Be

I’m a mind performance coach who helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to level up to their full potential show up as the leader they’ve always wanted to be. As a former therapist who’s struggled with depression and anxiety, I’ve seen firsthand how mental health is all too often treated as an afterthought.

Now I’m on a mission to shift the paradigm and teach others what I learned the hard way: that being successful doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health or your relationships, and taking care of your mind first is the key to unlocking everything you want.

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