Nervous System Regulation Workshop

You've read the books. You've done the planners. Maybe you've even tried therapy. 

So why does you still feel: 
  • Like your body doesn't know how to rest
  • Fatigued and overwhelmed
  • Hormonal and immunity issues
  • Irritable, emotional, and reactive
  • And more...

The thing is, your nervous system has NOTHING to do with logic and everything to do with instinct. Trying to tame it with logical systems is like trying to talk your way out of being dinner for a hungry lion. 

Instead, you have to learn how to tap into your instinctual mind and start shifting the automation that is leaving you feeling out of control of your own body. 

Watch this Workshop today to learn how to better understand your nervous system and get back in charge of your body using the MIND Fundamentals and other simple tools.


  • Feel more in control and less reactive 
  • Allow yourself to actually take breaks without experiencing crushing guilt 
  • Not spend so much time feeling numb and disconnected 
  • Have more patience with your children, your spouse, and other relationships 
  • Regain the energy and motivation to get through your days 

Understanding and re-claiming your nervous system will help you to: 

Regulatoooors--mount up

Hi I'm Lindsey Paoli, the MIND Performance Coach and mental health professional with a background in corporate leadership. Over half of the population with diagnosable symptoms will never seek therapy due to stigma, lack of resources, and lack of mental health education. Unchecked symptoms spiral into poor health, poor relationships, lowered motivation and decreased happiness. Big problems require creative solutions, and that's where I come in. My mission is to make mental health prevention easy, approachable, and an integral tool for innovative leaders and companies.

It's probably important to note that I'm not just some chick off the street claiming to be an expert.  I'm a former therapist who left traditional mental health to make bigger impact as a keynote speaker, corporate performance coach + contributing author for the bestselling book, Living A Legacy. My expertise has been featured on national news, including the Daily Flash, American Trends, MORE Fox 5, and in publications including ABC, NBC, Marketwatch, Thrive Global, Shoutout LA, and more! 

Meet Your Host


Short answer, no. Although Lindsey’s training and background is rooted in licensed therapy, she has since left the industry as a means of promoting prevention.  As this work is in no way therapy, nor is Lindsey a licensed therapist, insurance is not a reimbursement option. 


  • Access to this Nervous System Workshop
  • A workbook to help you learn along and personalize the content for YOUR lifestyle, creating daily mastery as a habit

What You'll Get:

Let's Regulate!

Did you know that at least 1 in 5 (and likely more) adults will experience a diagnosable mental disorder in their life?

But over half of them will never receive treatment because of lack of resources, lack of awareness, or stigma. 

This leads to a LOT of un-checked dysfunction in our everyday interactions— especially at work, where most of us spend most of our time. 

I knew there had to be a faster and more accessible way to get mental health education and tools out to the masses rather than just relying on individuals to overcome their shame and an overwhelmed system, which is why I created MIND Performance Coaching. 


  • Tickets for all 10 monthly live virtual workshops hosted by Lindsey Paoli, the MIND Performance Coach in 2023
  • Portal Access to all replays and workbooks 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for Support/Accountability
  • Regular LIVES in Facebook Community with Lindsey 

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