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"I couldn't take notes fast enough at the VisionBossing event. Lindsey drops so may bombs of info that hit me in my core. Her tips on manifestation and creating the life you desire were GOLD. 'It's okay to say NO' was such a great reminder and permission to not have to do everything and to focus on what best aligns with me."

Megan Buckley
Relationship Coach

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"I attended the Psychology of Sales presentation that Lindsey did for our realty group. Unlike most presenters I've seen Lindsey kept me very interested with her style of mixing knowledge and humor. I could have sat there for another hour! I left feeling much more informed, and oddly motivated, as if I had doubts in myself and left with motivation. her approach was in a way that it felt super relatable. If only she could present for everyone at our brokerage!"

Jason Hall
Realtor, Veteran 

"We all need someone in our life that tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. Lindsey relies on life experiences to break down barriers and build rapport quickly. Knowing that she is human enough to admit personal learning experiences, and continues to educate herself on best practices, inspires trust in her theories. She speaks with a realness that makes her instantly relatable, and shakes off any hesitation you may have about the content. Her engagement with the group makes each person feel seen and heard, with a lively discussion makes you want to participate at a higher level. Each experience is unique, and even after several times participating in her sessions, I learn and reflect on something new."

Emi Sakevich
Senior Manager of Franchising, Big Chicken


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